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Makara Jyothi

  • There are so many illusions, allusions and allegations about the Makara Jyothi. Actually it is the shining of a star at the evening of one day on which the sun passes from equator to the south on its journey from the north. It had been imagined that the gods in the heaven were lighting the heavenly lamps at the same time of the Deeparadhana of Ayyappa. However the Makara Jyothi, by its own uniform and regular practice of arising there, reveals a spiritual importance more than physical.

  • Philosophically the Makara Jyothi is related to the ‘Yoga Sasthra’ like 18 steps have been related. The existence and the longevity of the body of a person depends upon through pulses (Nadies) called ‘Ita, Pingala and Sushumna’. These three nadies are found situated inside the back bone. Ita is on the left side and Pingala is on the right side of the Sushumna. Ita is also called Chandra Nadi (Nadi related to the moon). Pingala is called Suriya Nadi(related to Sun) and the Sushumna is called Agni Naadi(related to fire).

  • According to the ancient sciences Agni has seven tongues, viz, Suriya Chandra, Agni, Nakshatra, Vidut, Bodha and Eswara. The first five of them are visible. The aforesaid seven agnies are uthara Yana(Surya), Dakshinayana(Chandra), Sankrama Sandhya(Agni), Makarajyothi(Nakshatra), Adbhuta Anubuthi(Vidyut) like the evolution continues as the awakening of the devotee as the six Agni and the sympathy of God as the seventh Agni.

  • The Makara Samkrama Sandhya is a great propitious time of self sacrifice at which the seven tongues of the Jnana Agni receives the havish(offering to Agni in Yaga) of heart of love of devotees who offers it as fire of camphor in the Yagakundam of Dharmasastha.

  • In the evening of Sankarama Day, at the time of Deeparadhana, when Makara Jyothi is enlighten in the bodies of all the devotees who have arrived at Sannidhanam, may have the experience of Eswara Jyothi and the awakening of the Sushumna Nadi. The awakening may be reflecting as a star on the circumference of the sky as the consciousness of ourselves.

  • This may be stipulated that millions of old pilgrims who had observed hard vows and achieved the spiritual powers, who had been watching Ayyappa who is on the Jnana Peedham of emancipation, for so many years, presenting themselves in numerous at a time and chanting Manthras have created an atmospheric vibration all over the eighteen Sabarimalas, may be the cause of the rising of the Makara Jyothi.
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