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The Irumudikkettu
  • Irumudikettu is not an ordinary bundle of things for climbing over the mountain ranges. It may once more be elucidated in a spiritual level of things. It is the Karma-(action) and its Bhala(result of actions) and the Bhoga(consumption of its result) are the main reason, which make a man not to reach the God and to swallow in the mud of nature and its sufferings. He is bound with all the miseries.

  • Therefore, through the self withdrawal from the Karma Bhala Bhoga is only the way to be released from the miseries of the world and to be reached to the state of emanicipation. Therefore, man has to renounce Karma Bhala Bhoga.

  • It is very difficult for a man to renounce the entire Karmas and to be idle. The results of Bhalas of Karma are having dualistic emotions like good and bad, auspicious or inauspicious, virtuous or virtueless.

  • A devotee who follows Ayyappa accepts a fast method which is to surrender the Karmabhalas in front of Ayyappa. This is an exception from the functional activities related to other gods. That is why the devotee go to Ayyappa with a bundle having two heads(Irumudi) and is called the Irrumudi Kettu.

  • The message is that the virtues and sins derived from the Bhalas of one’s entire Karmas are bound in two heads placed over his head with repudiating all the Bhalas in front of the Bharmam in anticipation of getting blessings.

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