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The Ayyappa and Dharma Sastha

  • Sarva Mangala Dayagane Saranam Ayyappa: When we make an enquiry about the abode of the eternal and emancipative Sabarimala, at the outset itself, it is curious for a person to think about the imagination behind the consecration of the Ayyappa and Dharma Sastha.

  • Most of the people keep doubts, whether the Ayyappa and Dharma Sastha are one and the same or different. Since it is prime factor, the same may be depicted in the beginning itself.

  • The word Ayyappa is exactly South Indian. The name Ayyappa is derived in Malayalam language from the word ‘Ayya’ means ‘the big man’ (the great man) in Tamil. The name Dharma Sastha is exactly a Sanskrit word. In the traditional way the meaning of Ayyappa and Dharma Sastha are different. The incarnated Ayyappa, who was pet named as Manikantan and noble son of lord Shiva and Vishnu, arises in the memory of every Indian. There is no need to explain the exemplary and exuberant wanton sports (leelas) of Ayyappa.

  • Exactly the history of Ayyappa gives very high experience when he finally reached the top of the Sabarigiris, the forehead of Solitude-ness, to merge into the contemplation. This is the Sree Ayyappa who dwells in the minds of Malayalees. Having with long and uncut off hair, claded in barks of woods, in the state of Yogi holding his hands in Chinmudra, the incarnation of Ayyappa in this style; and in another style, the Dharma Sastha adorns in the excellency of a royal king and having two wives in both sides named Poorna and Pushkala, though having differences, are having certain equalities also. How this happened? Why Manikantan is given poojas or offerings with Dharma Sastha’s contemplation (Dhyanam) spells (Mantras) and Gayatri in the imagination of Sankalpa of Dharma Sastha, while Dharma Sastha himself is only revered rarely in the Mantra sastras ( sciences of spells and offerings). This subject and its reasons should be known by all the Ayyappa devotees.

  • There is description in the authentic books like Mantra Grantha (like Manthramahodathi) about a Sivite God in the name of Sastha is depicted as the God who uses a horse as his conveyance, seeks bliss in hunting in forests, desires drinking water in the mid-days having three eyes and surrounded by the Boothaganas.
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